Kassandra Love's hands-on understanding of fetish as an art form has made her the premier alternative model in the Toronto metro area. Her involvement in the scene includes modeling for fashion lines such as Jessica Louise and Toxic Vision, organizing fashion shows for local designers, and choreographing dance for the popular Torture Garden Club and Subspace Fetish nights hosted in clubs across the city.

Kassandra's influence as an alternative model spans a wide range of media. Her images have been published in magazines such as Skin Two, Canadian Cycling, and Auxiliary. Kassandra is also featured on book covers such as Radiant Inc and Revelator: Book One. Recently, Kassandra was invited to design an exclusive harness collection for Ego Assassins, recognizing her rising profile among the crowded realm of alternative modeling.

The Toronto native has toured Europe and North America, bringing her unique insight into the Fetish art form internationally. Popular alternative fashion designer and photographer Sharon Toxic Vision placed images of Kassandra in several U.S. publications early in her career that expanded her celebrity beyond Canada. Most notably, celebrity photographer Greg Gorman collaborated with Kassandra as part of his acclaimed educational workshop throughout North America during the summer of 2012.

The alternative lifestyle community online is fueling Kassandra's popularity. Alternative fashion and fetish followers share "The Love" in forums, social media channels, and blogs. The overwhelmingly positive online response has inspired an exclusive hangout for Kassandra's biggest fans, coming soon to KassandraLove.net

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